WE CAN'T ESCAPE OUR POTENTIAL FOR GREATNESS, it's in our genes.  We are born athletes.  Our predecessors ran down their prey, not with speed, with endurance and cunning. They had to as a matter of survival...

... but we don't.

We, not you and me, the collective we no longer need to be athletes.  The effects are obvious and tragic. 

Look at a distance runner, that's what we were designed for.

Crud, watch a movie from the 50's, that's what we are supposed to look like.

We, you and me, get this.

We see the stairs next to the elevator, and bound up.

We see a mountain road, and dream of climbing... and carving down.

We are attracted to our kindred souls.  We push each other.  We demand more from each other, without saying a word... or, unleashing a string of salty words when the sitchyation demands.

We can't escape our potential for greatness.

When you're not the fastest or strongest in the jungle, and we aren't, you have to use cunning.  Making a plan, coordinating with others, and persisting is what we do best...

... which is why it's so fun to pick a huge personal challenge, register for a giant event and start planning.  Methodically working backwards and putting all the pieces into place to be our very best at a given location and time...

... to be greater and better, is in our DNA.

Nothing is better for making memories than a giant calendar. 

For inspiration as the event(s) approaches.

To look back on as the years go by.


Our calendar is HUGE!  27.5" wide X 48" tall.

It's made of fabric so you can hang it, and take it with you.

Don't you wish you'd had one of these for the last 10 seasons?... something to remind you of all the amazing things you've accomplished?

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163.2 lbs 
40 PullUps 70 PushUps
7 hours sleep