EVERY RACE HAS RIDERS that DNF, DNS and DQ.  It's inevitable.  In fact, just last Saturday I saw a rider get DQ'd.  And, you know what?... 

... I wasn't the least bit sad he was disqualified.

Here's why.

At the Brian Head Odyssey the hand you a finishing card with your place and time on it.

Since I'd been keep track of who was around me when we started, and pretty darn sure of where I stood with my age group...

... I was somewhat shocked to see I'd finished 2nd.

For those of you keeping score at home, you already know I own the largest collection of 2nd place finishes in the world.

So, I wasn't shocked, shocked.

Just shocked that someone had passed me.

It seemed impossible.

But, then I got to thinking of the time I spent hunting down Benadryl at Aid 2; and a pump at Aid 3.

So, maybe.

But, it was 2nd by only a minute after nearly 6 hours of racing.

I'll be honest, it bugged me...

... not a little.

As we're about to get the podium he realizes he must have cut the course...

I might have cut the course?

Hmmm, well, I don't remember you passing me.

Yeah, I'm not sure.

Did you check your mileage?

40 miles.

Well, it is a 48 mile race and I did recored 47.9 miles.

But, that's not the point.

The point is that there are always racers who Did Not Finish, Did Not Start and DisQualified...

... except in one race.

I took lunch to a friend today.

He's recovering from surgery,
there have been complications,
jerk of a doctor told him he'll never ride again...

... terrible thing to say to an athlete.

And, I'd never bet against this total stud.

Then, I met another friend who let me know he'd just found out he has cancer...

... probably not a big deal, but might be a big deal.

Wouldn't bet against him either.

The world is so much better with these to pals o' mine.

Which brings up my point.

We will all finish the grandest race of all...

... none of us knows how far out our finish line is.

Race hard,
Do good,


7.5 hrs
Push Ups
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling