IF YOU'RE COMPETITIVE, AND WE ARE!, IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE TIME OFF.  Which is why you should see Dr. Diesel for a Therapeutic Use Exemption.  It's really the only way...

... he handed me the scribbled Rx.

I tried to read it, squinting.

What's the matter?

Can't read it.

You need glasses?


Give it to me... uh, oh...

  • Do nothing.
  • If you have to do something, make it different.
  • If you must ride, have no plan.

Do nothing?


Make it different?

Yes.  Walk.  Hike.  Run, if you must.  Swim.  Surf.  Lift some weight... your arms are disgusting!

Have no plan... what about my friends, we all ride together.

Friends!... I thought you were serious.  You shouldn't have friends if you're a committed athlete.  Dump your friends.  Find some nerds, play D&D.  It'll give you something other than gear rations to bore you family with.  Got it?!

I guess.

Good.  Take this.  Pay your bill on the way out.  Go to the drugstore and buy some ice cream.  You need it.

He came highly recommended, so I tried it this week.

No ride Wednesday.

Paddleboard Thursday.

Stupideasy ride to the lookout for navel contemplation Friday.

Slept in until 9 this morning.  A miracle.  Rolled out for a noplan ride, just water in my bottles. 

30 minutes in, on my way to nowhere.

90 minutes later, I had a popcicle in one hand and a Coke in the other.

2 hours later, I completely bonked... had to pull over a mile from home and get a drink and a chocolate chip croissant.

I think the doc would approve of all except the bonking.  Very rookie.  He has warned me before about bonking.  How it can take weeks to recover from that... which is why he prescribes GQ6.

One of the key ingredients is BCAA - branch chain amino acids.  Those little guys are the proteins that take care of our muskulls when we're abusing them.  

This is truly an amazing product, much more than simple electrolytes and sugar.

And we ship it fer free.

And if you're a member of the PEDALposse you can save big.


162.4 too much cake last night
8.5 hrs