THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF WISHLISTS:  1 is for winners, 1 is for winers.  And no Sparky, I ain't talking about that shiny red two-wheeler you hope is under the tree for the 20th year in a row.  That would be wishing for something different, which is exactly what winers do.  You are not a winer... 

... you are a winner.

Which is why you probably subconsciously know this truth to be self-evident.

We don't wish things were different, things like:

  • Our competition was slower
  • The wind was at our backs
  • The course was easier
  • The entry fee lower
  • Blah
  • Blah
  • Blah

We wish for one thing only:

  • We wish we were better.


Because we're the only variable we can control.  When we get better, everything else gets easier.

Check this comment from JC, this is what it's all about:

This year, by the way, was my most consistent year of training -- 12 straight months of five days/week, mostly on the indoor trainer -- and the race I did last weekend (Austin Rattler) was so much more enjoyable than races I'd done in years' past. Flying by people going up climbs, carving through loose corners, etc. I don't know when I will ever reach the "mastery" you describe, but I feel a whole lot closer.

The question is of course... how much better would he be with a set of $3000 ENVE™ Wheels?

You know, the ones you can win when you purchase a bottle of magical PR Lotion...

... yep, purchase 1 bottle of AMP PR Lotion and you'll get 175 entries into the drawing.



162 lbs
Stretch N Hypervolt
7 hrs sleep