EVERY 20 YEARS OR SO I'M REMINDED of my first real commitment to flying through the air on two wheels.

There a I was, an immortal 9yearold in the back yard.  Tossed the shovel, ready to test my foot-high jump. 

Got up to speed,
Got airborne,
Yanked hard on the bars.
Too hard. 
Smacked my mouth.
Busted my lip and my new front tooth.

My uncle, the dentist, glued on a replacement for what I'd cracked off.  It looked terrible, but I didn't care.

At 14, the parents upgraded me.  New dentist shaved what remained and slid over a poorly matched cap.  I didn't care.

Couple of decades later a better matched cap, which finally gave out a few months ago.

Got my new, cap this week.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd not knocked that chunk of tooth off...
or if I'd not crashed my BMX bike, ripping the skin to my knee cap...
or if I hadn't spent my afternoons delivering 50 lbs of magazines by bike...

If hadn't had those hardships and traumas, would I have appreciated all the highs those two-wheelers delivered...

... would I still be hooked?

It's hard to know, just like it's hard to know why people join the PEDALposse...

... maybe you ought to check it out?


8 hrs sleep

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