FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL OF THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE.  It's made me a much better climber, and it's actually super cheap.  But like most things, if it easy everyone would do it.

I hit my college weight.

With a simple adjustment of my morning food routine the pounds melted off.  All I've changed, is I eat fresh fruit until Noon.  As much as I want.  I'll add a handful of nuts.  But mainly it's about 6 pieces of fruit:  apple, banana, orange, peach, assorted berries.  Mix and match.

I have no idea why it works, but it's been the body hack of the year.

The last time I got this lean was 2002 - using diet pills : (
The time before that was 16 years prior - a poor college kid.

After college, I put on 30 lbs... gaining weight with each pregnancy.  Then, I started riding again and taking those diet pills.  They made me feel terrible.  Quitting the pills and eating donuts with my kids had me pack on 20.  I dropped 10 pretty easy once I started competing again.  But his last 10 seemed impossible to shed.

Fruit, fruit magical fruit
the more I eat, the more I lose.
The more I lose, the faster I climb,
so pound the fruit its morning time.

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