YOU CAN'T DO THAT.  That seems hard.  Don't be so unrealistic. Don't you want to enjoy life?  Isn't time to take it easy?...

... this is Devilspeak.

The road we ride into hell is not paved with good intentions, it is paved with what appears to be helpfulness.

In the end, it creates uneasiness because in our souls we know we could have done better if we simply...

... shut out the naysayers and easyroaders.

If you are struggling to be RaceDay Ready, I get it.  I take steps backwards myself, fall victim to the hoopla and shortsightedness of parties and visitors and what appears to be their well-meaning sentiments only to wonder if...

... they are subconsciously jealous, even malicious.

Pulling me down to their reality.

Fuhget that.

We are not looking for average, realistic results.  Living below our capabilities is hell...

... heaven is full of unrealistic believers.

Let's go!

How can you be unrealistic this week?

Tell me one commitment you have made.

I'm pulling for you, always have been, always will be...

... supporting the unrealistic racer.


Recording our daily stats is good.  A weekly checkin is better, because...

"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."
- Tommy Monson
If you are slipping, maybe it's time to check out RaceDay Ready For Life.


7 hrs Sleep
1 RaceDay Ready Strength Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling