YES, I HAVE A UNICYCLE and I can most certainly ride circles around you.  Not figuratively my fellow member of the PEDALposse, literally... in a fun, playful way.

That's what unicycles are good for.

They are not good for actually getting anywhere, though I did ride it backpack-laden to high school for a year... it was more fun and cheaper than driving.

But the uni's I want to chat about are the other uni's... I'm betting you have at least 2.

I do.

My work uni: cycling-themed t-shirt and flipflops. 

My riding uni: caressing and perfectlyfitting fabrics drenched in a sexy design... feel fast, ride fast is a real thing!

My rarelyworn uni, aka dressupchurchfuneral uni:  black slacks, black tie, black flipflops, white shirt.

For many, my work uni is a play uni... I get that, but we are having a lot of fun over here and our work uni is... howdoyousay... apropos?  

Most people don't care about t-shirts. 

For them it doesn't matter that the cotton gets softer and softer the more you wash it.  They don't care that we've developed special inks that you can't feel on the t-shirt.  It's not a big deal if the fabric is cut for an athletic fit.  And, they certainly don't wear t-shirts secret with warrior codes.

But that's what this t-shirt is... a secret warrior code:  PRs are better than KOMs.  Any fool can grab a KOM, but only a master can grab a PR... and only a master knows if the public PR is legit.

This t-shirt is going into production Monday, shipping around the 27th.

If you're into superduper soft t-shirts, designed to fit athletes who know the PR code, well you might want to use promo code PRsOverKOMs and t-shirt delivered to you for $18.

That's right... get this incredibly warrior t-shirt delivered for $18 with promo code PRsOverKOMs... code expires 1/14/2020.


20 pull ups/60 push ups
7;5 hrs sleep

Ride with us: click for info.

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.

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