ISN'T THIS A GREAT TIME OF YEAR?!  All these new and exciting diets, plus super deals to join the gym.  Let me break it down for you.

The top 2 diets for 2018 are:

1.  THE EAT REAL FOOD DIET.  This amazing breakthrough means limiting your food in take to every single food in the grocery store that isn't in a package.  Eat all the fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts and lean cuts of meat and fish that you want.

2.  THE EAT LESS DIET.  Science, real hardcore science, has now proven that if you eat less you'll lose weight.  Crazy!, right?  So eat everything you can sink your teeth into, just cut down your total caloric in take a fraction.

3.  BECAUSE 1 + 2 = 3 I'm throwing in this extra knock out diet, THE EAT LESS/EAT REAL DIET.  This truly is revolutionary and delivers unbelieveable results.  By reducing your caloric in take a fraction and eating real food you will look and feel amazing.

4.  BECAUSE #3 is 1 heck of a plan and delivers such life changing results it's completely reasonable and widely recommended that you fall off the wagon one day a week. 

Have your cake and eat it too, once a week!
In two days you'll be right back where you were pre-cake,
and 5 days closer to your goal weight.

This is what I wanted to tell F.C. on the ride this morning,
between his labored explanation of how hard the ride had been,
and how he can't climb like angel any more (and he could, really),
because he's packed on 15lbs.

I hope he reads this,
I miss his angelic thrashings.