YOU'VE GOT TWO OPTIONS, big ride before the feast or big ride after.  Then, we can really to town on the feast.  Frankly, neither approach has worked well for me...

... but, I am a weak soul.

If I do the ride before, inevitably it ends long before the feast.  I get hungry.  Binge all the candy and appetizers...

... before anybody arrives!

If I opt for the day after, I skip breakfast.  Get hungry.  Binge all the candy and appetizers...

... then, with sweet tooth completely reactivated and demanding go big on the meal, the second serving, and all of the deserts.

This year, I'm bookending the nonsense with big MTB before and big gravel the day after.

But, that's not all. 

We aren't hosting, going to the son-in-law's.  Which means I'll have to reign things in quite a bit...

... gotta maintain that reputation.

Hypocrisy, I know.

But, at least you know the truth.

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166.7 lbs

7 hrs  
20 Pull Ups 40 PushUps
HyperVolt & Stretch
80 minutes reading + Journaling