HOW DO WE SCORE A RACE?  At BWR, they have this massive wall of live results.  It is easy to see how everybody finished...

... but, how did we really do?

Per the board, I had an insanely good day.

10th over all in the Wafer, and won my age group.

That's the truth of the matter,
or, the Truth Score.

The question I have for myself,
that all of us have for ourselves is...

... did we Rip?

Bare with me, I'm still working through this.

The Rip score is based on did we do all we could do,
and it's a lot more than did I ride as hard as I could.

Generally, that's a given

What I'm more curious about is,
Did we take care of everything so we could do our absolute best?

I scored my ride today a B+.

In the plus column:

Bike prep
Work squared away
Family on board
Race weight 
Body ready, given it was a big training week
Objectives met
Made new friends
Cleaned all of the techy singletrack

In the minus column:

Poor choice of accommodations and poor sleep, no a/c
Poor nutrition last 90 minutes of race

I'm gong to dial this in during the coming weeks, and put some numbers to the metrics that matter most.

It's too easy to let the results determine how we think and feel about the outcome, when often they reflect very little of our accomplishments.

A good example is my pal Matt.

Normally, he does the full distance at BWR.  This year he'd opted for the shorter Wafer, and was thrilled with his finish...

... because he finished strong after knee replacement.

Or, my friend Andrew.

I don't what his expectations were,
but it was clear as the skies were blue,
his wife enjoyed the day and he was happy she was there.

Or, Jessica who introduced herself to me.

She had caught all the way up to first place and was making the other girl struggle to hang on...

... only to get dropped on the final dirt section.

Why was that a win?

It was her first gravel race,
and she is excited about learning
new skills required to ride fast off road.

As far as I'm concerned, 
those three racers,
ripped it up!

Tomorrow I'll be able to share some of the key take aways from today's race.

It's good to be home.


6.5 hrs
No strength work
0 minutes recovery
30 minutes reading + Journaling