THERE WAS A LOT OF DISCUSSION ABOUT WHICH TIRES to roll at the races last weekend.  Faster treads vs more traction.  Tire pressure matters, too...

... does any of it really matter?


But, that is not the rolling resistance I'm most concerned with.

The real rolling resistance to worry about is rolling through life avoiding the scary stuff.  The great Ryan Holliday says The obstacle is the way.  The great Steven Pressfield says Resistance points to what we are called to do.

In other words...

... do the scary stuff.

More directly for us...

... sign up for the scariest races.

The races and events we are most likely to fail at,
most likely to truly suffer,
most likely to lose...

... are most likely to bring out our very best.

Publicly stating our goals adds bonus power... 

... there is massive resistance to that.


Speaking of which I have been experiencing a lot resistance to writing my next book:  RACEDAY READY - a philosophy for ripping on and off the bike every day.

Here's an excerpt:

You want to know the answer to the other comments, particularly this one…

What are you doing?

It’s not a mystery, if you’re patient.  I blog every single day about exactly what I am learning and applying.  How it works.  How to incorporate it.  Plus, I post every single workout and how much I sleep, weigh, read, write. 

So, when someone poses the question What are you doing? I quip, read the blog.

Who has time for that?

There are over 2000 posts at this point.   Plus, the newly added video and podcast readings and riffs of each post. 

For this reason, I have written this book.  Yes, it’s for you to absorb.  It is also for our kids, their spouses, their children…

… because this is would have been so valuable to me 30 years ago.

At that time, I called myself Fat Todd...


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What's more fun than a blog post?... me riffing on it.


7ish hrs Sleep
1 Strength training
20 minutes recovery 
90 minutes reading + Journaling