DUE TO A COMMITMENT I HAVE TAKEN ON, MY REGULAR SHEDJULL (I love the English' English), has been interrupted.  50% of my standing Tuesday Morning World Championships are on hold.  This is messing everything up, and it's gotta get fixed.

Tuesday afternoon training has leaked into the other days of the week.

My sleep, work and training habits are erratic.

Which makes me exactly like every other wannabe athlete.

I can already feel the next step, the dreaded and oh so lame...

"I just don't have time".


I still got 24 hrs a day, 168 hrs a week.  There's plenty of time to get it all done.

A I really need to do is get back on the training train... you know the schedule... commit to it.

All aboard!


165.4 lbs (I know, I'm way up... part a gettin' off the train)
gym work
8 hrs

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