IF YOU’RE LIKE I WAS, YOU HAVE A TRUSTY DUFFLE BAG FOR RACES AND RIDES.  Basically, a big open hole with a side pocket for shoes.  Everything goes in there, and depending on the importance of the race you may or may have a checklist when you pack.  Which is the reason your duffle has the potential to be the difference between success and failure.

Reason #1  Wasting cognitive energy.

The old school duffle bag may be working, but it’s also robbing you of energy.  Because after you’ve loaded it up you put it in the car or by the door only to wonder… do I have everything packed.  Well, do you?  You better check, and double-check, and triple-check…

Just like your legs only have so much energy, the same goes for that computer between your ears.  That’s why you need to sleep before a big race, and that’s why you probably perform your best work when nobody or nothing is distracting you.

Reason #2  Stress.

You arrive at your destination grab your bag and everything is a mess.  You can’t find your glasses or your gloves or your Advil or whatever it is you’re looking for.  You go through the entire contents, multiple times… and sadly there are times you can’t even find your… bibs!

Can you afford to miss a key move in a crit?  What if you react a little too late on a fast and rocky single track?  It’s hard to know, but we’ve all been there at the end of day wondering how we missed something so simple that wound up costing us the victory we were seeking.

Which is why I created the RaceDay Bag.

Because I’ve pulled my car over to go through that unsearchable mess hole and be sure everything was loaded.

Because I’ve raced in my surf trunks and a t-shirt, borrowed a sweaty and stinky helmet, raced with one glove, purchased $350 shoes halfway to Leadville, etc.

Because I’ve returned from the big day and found my nasty bibs smothering the inside of my helmet.

With the RaceDay Bag, 6 clearly marked and separate pockets act as a check list.  All my gear is easy to locate when I need it or just want to be sure I have it.

My mental energy is saved for the fun stuff, the racing and riding.

I have no stress, because I know I have all my gear and it’s easy to find.

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