ONE OF THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT BIKE RIDERS IS OUR COMPASSION FOR OTHERS.  It hit me today as I was triangled by three separate events.

First, Jason stopped by and picked up bags for a fundraiser he organized.  Our friend Ed's daughter is in the battle of her life with cancer.  Jason has been driving all over town today, in the rain, picking up donations.  The event is at Docent Brewery.  Here's a link.

Next, Dawn Niday pinged me on FB.  If I get you volunteers for HUNKR can you donate to CAF?  Dawn is one of the top fundraisers for the Challenged Athlete Foundation.  She puts on an amazing event every year, raising 10s of $1000s.

But, it really hit me hard when we shipped the gear out for JT Racing.  This a team dedicated to the memory of a beautiful woman, wife and mother.

Why my sweet friends dedicate their time and talents is not the question...

What can I do?
Who can I help?
Where am I needed?
How can I be of service?


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