I WOULD NEVER DO THIS FOR A FRIEND:  put him on my favorite race bike, give him a brand new kit, slightly used helmet, new gloves, new socks, and barely used glasses. 

I'm just not that kind of friend, but I am that kind of dad...

... because if junior likes it, well hotdiggity - whatcouldbebetter?!

At the top of a twisty and tricky single track were three dads, and 3 little kids.  Shane and I cleared the last pitch of rocky trail, huffing and puffing.  It felt damn good, and everybody knew it.

This is the special stuff - spectacular view, prime weather, out in the wild for an adventure.

All the dads thinking... I hope he likes it.

Even me... thinking it for the 1000th time... and maybe this time it will stick.

Not only did I give him all that gear - not the bike - I introduced him to the goodness of Chamois Butt'r...

... but not the miracle that is PR Lotion, that is something I'll keep a secret... 'cause I'm gonna need every edge I can get if it sticks this time.

 You my friend, if you have yet to try PR Lotion or the Butt'r, may use this promo code to save 50% on the second item:  LUBEMEUP


165.98 lbs 
Pullups and Pushups
8.5 hours sleep


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