DON'T TELL ANYBODY BECAUSE IT'S JUST OUR LITTLE SECRET... we can learn about riding and racing from well outside the sport itself.  Take my ongoing interest in economics sparked by a visiting professor who opened up with...

... monopolies are great... if you're the monopolist!

Little ol' brainwashed me was captivated from that point on.  My brain had been opened.

Well, consider this quote in How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life from the great Milton Friedman and apply it to your bold ambitions as an athlete:

The sum of negligible forces,
need not be negligible.

Ride on that thought for a moment.

Aren't our 10 pullups and matching 20 burpees a negligible force?  What does it matter if we get in an easy spin for 45 minutes?  Where can we attribute passing up a harmless chocolate chip cookie a day?

Taken by themselves, these are all negligible forces.  But sum up a month or quarter or year of these choices and we fundamentally transform who we can become.

Who's down getting some negligible work done today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and... ?

All in favor say Aye!

Did you know KASK means Kick @$$ Steal KOMs?

Well, it doesn't... but that's how you feel when you wear one.

I keep seeing more and more of these KASK helmets at the races and on the rides.


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? lbs
Stretch and HyperVolt
RestDay - 20 PullUps, 30 PushUps, 10 Supermans