WE HAVE A BUNCH JOKERS AROUND HERE.  People for whom a bit of fun is not nearly enough.  And givers they are. 

Little gnomish trail signs dot the way.  Giant stuffed animals casually roam in place.  And berms and jumps and gaps and ladders ga-freakin-lore.

After a long day grinding, it's afternoon delight.

Climbs that bare down and discourage in the dark and cold are easily overcome.  Obstacles and drops approached with caution turn into launch points.  Scrubbing speed on big turns isn't even a thought when your vision is crisp.

And it just builds.

We ride a little longer with the extra light, get a little faster, build a little stamina... and ride a little longer.

That's the stoke of summer.

Of course, with all the extra riding it helps to have some good fluid with plenty of good stuff.

Here's my go to:

GQ6 is my drink, Honey Stinger Waffles my snack, and it's smoking hot I bring the Salt Stick.

Here's the deal, and it ends Saturday... buy any 2 items save 70% on the 3rd item.



165 lbs 
Coach Loran Live at 7am
7.5 hours sleep

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