FOR SURE YOU DON'T WANT A TIGHT HEADSET.  It makes steering difficult and riding with no hands dangerous if not impossible.  But it doesn't stop there, because if you're a coy rider...

... it's really fun to mess with someone's head.

Would I ever do that?

In a race?

Well, yeah.  For sure.  Sometimes ya gotta dig deep...

... inside your opponent's helmetcovered head.

I think it was in some LeMond book where I read about faking tired when feeling good and it's equally sneaky twin faking good when feeling terrible.

Then there's faking like you don't know what you're doing so racers steer clear and don't pay you any attention.

It's endless really, however we were talking about some of our favorites last weekend and I shared one that can be really devastating.

Will I share it with you?

Sure... why not.  

We're friends.

It's this one, and it only works on a really long and miserable day.  The kind of day I might have this weekend.

Just imagine you're 80% into the race.  Conditions are very challenging.  Wind.  Dust.  Heat. 

It's just you and one other cat.

Trust me this works better than you'd think.

Hey, how are you feeling?

That's it.

Just leave it hanging.

No need to follow up.

That cat heard you and is thinking...

It's not like popping their tire.  It's more like a pin hole, and the air slowly starts to seep out.

Which is one reason I've switched completely to tubeless tires.  Because with tubeless tires and sealant no pin hole is gonna slow us down.  Glass and grit and rocks.  I laugh at them now.  Well, not totally... I just don't fear them like I did.

On the road, I'm loving the Pirelli P Zero SLs.

Gravel, the Pirelli Cinturato.

MTB, Continental Cross King up front and Race King on the rear.

We have a whole slew of tires in stock.

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Stretch and HyperVolt
7.4 hrs sleep

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