RIPPING ON A BIKE IS A LOT LIKE DANCING.  You've got to have the rhythm of the thing or you look like a wanker.  It's the same in everything really...

... and, I've been out of rhythm lately.

About a year ago I found a really good work, ride, husband rhythm and I've been surprisingly productive. 

Prior to that, I was still dancing to the kid at home beat.

  • Up early
  • Ride
  • See 'em off to school
  • Work
  • See 'em
  • Tuck 'em in

On weekends, I'd still get up crack o'dawn.

My weekend warriors always complained, 

Why so early?

I wanna get back before kids get going.

This worked pretty darn good for decades.  Kept me in decent shape, got me out with the fellas, got me into nature, got me the sunrises I love to see.

Then I read a book in 2015, The 5 Hour Workday.  He proposed working from 8-1.  No breaks.  Just grind.

I liked the idea and attempted it several times since reading it.  I say attempted because invariably I'd get thrown off track.

  • Rides running later than 8
  • Poor work output due to lack of sleep - gotta get up early to be seated by 8.

These were the top two problems.

About a year ago, I recommitted and moved all my riding to afternoons.  The exception being Saturday.  I still like to get out early and meet the hardest sonsaguns on two wheels, and that means mornings.

I liked the changes of the new beat, and it showed.

  • We shut down the office and retail store
  • Outsourced shipping
  • Increased our sales
  • Increased our product offering
  • Improved our ad spend
  • Built a new, virtual work team to support me

 My weekdays now look like this:

  • 6-8  read, journal, RaceDay Ready resistance exercises
  • 8-1 grind
  • 1-2 lunch
  • 2-4 grind
  • 4ish-7ish ride
  • 7ish dinner with Surfergirl, maybe watch a movie together
  • 830ish write a blog post if not already done
  • 930ish stretch, do some hypervolting
  • 10ish hit the hay

This has been a really productive rhythm for me:  socially, mentally, spiritually and physically.

During the week it's common for me to intermittent fast until 1pm.  The key is pushing through the urge to eat around 9-10, then I can easily go to 1 or even 2pm.  No problem.

One day a week, I get up to the factory and check on production, QC, etc.

Weekends are similar.  Still hitting it early on Saturday.  Surfergirl gets out on the water.  The afternoons usually involves chores or catching up on work.  Sunday is the day of rest, and I've been honoring that for 30+ years now and absolutely love it...

... I'm thinking of not blogging on that day and unplugging completely.

Now, why am I sharing all this?

I think a lot of you are like me, trying to find a rhythm to groove to.  When were in that groove, life is so much easier and pleasant.  When we're out...

... we just aren't as productive as we could be.

For example, one of the new products we added was a RaceDay Bag for running...

... and we ran out.

I blame it on the recent travels, but I also think the rain had a lot to do with it.  We've had so much rain and I've been going out in the windows the weather has presented.  Weak, I know.  

The good thing is we make everything here.

We aren't employing kids in China or other parts of Asia.
We don't have to wait for a boat and pray the dock workers are working.

I was thinking about that the other day.  The world is a weird place and their are tremendous forces in play.  The fact that we are producing here, in a strict state, is a huge advantage to us and I don't think I talk about it enough.

Where your gear comes from matters.

So, we got out heads together and added Made In USA to our logo above.

The only thing we haven't been able to make here is gloves, it's a leather thing.  Weird, that weird world again.  One day we'll get that mastered.

In the meantime, I'm listening to my inner drummer and following my celestial band leader...

... so I can rip on raceday.™ 

This is such a powerful tool for accomplishing great things throughout the year.

Just yesterday SurferGirl was in here looking at what I have planned and writing in things of her own, and family things, etc.

Gotta keep all the bandmates in tune and on the beat.

$30, shipping included.

Stock is dwindling, I'm not making more.

Ships free.

Can make in your team colors.™


7.5ish hrs Sleep
0 RaceDay Ready Strength Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
120 minutes reading + Journaling