BLESSED ARE THE EATERS, FOR THEY SHALL FINISH STRONG.  The best riders and racers are professional eaters.  Not the dieting kind, not the clean kind, not the vegans... we're talking about the pros who know what and when to eat during the event.

If it's a 30 minute crit... shoot, leave your bottles and gu's in the car.
But, if you're going big you gotta eat.  

The pros know well before the big day what their food strategy will be.  They've tested it multiple times and their confident in it.  The other thing they do is follow the strategy, the eat and eat and eat as the miles go by.

Rookies typically wing it, then get lost in the energy of the moment and forget to eat all together. 

Rookies finish weak,
if they finish at all.
Pros finish strong,
because they it all.

Be pro.

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