YOU DON'T WANT TO RIDE WITH FASTER RIDERS?  What's wrong with you?  Really, I mean that sincerely.  Riding with faster riders, getting destroyed by them, is like going to Harvard or Stanford for free...

... it's the best education we'll ever get.

The trick is finding the faster riders, because if we can find the right cats to ride with they will...

  • Make us suffer
  • Serve us humble pie
  • Leave us for dead

... but the best ones, if we keep coming back, will see our tenacity and desire to improve.  They will teach us the inner secrets.  Trust me, they want to teach us...

... once we prove we're ready to learn.

For example, years ago I was riding with the great Nelson Vails.

I was in full fanboy mode.  Drooling all over myself, stuttering, dumbstruck and awestruck all at once.

Hi Nelson, I'm Todd.



Hold onto your bars like this.  Always have your fingers looped.  Riding with your hands lazy on the bars is risky.  You hit a bump, hands slip... and then you lose control, and maybe take us all out.

Yep, there I was acting cool... and a real pro and Olympian took the time to teach me something simple.  I've never forgotten it.

At a minimum, I make sure I have good control on the bars.  Always.

We may not be racing every day, but we should be practicing our racing every ride.

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166.9 lbs
Beach walk
8 hrs sleep