TODAY'S RIDE WAS A LOT LIKE PLANKING.  It didn't start out that way.  I thought I'd be home early with the rest of the crew.  But, it was the first warm day in months and I had no need to get back.

Plus, when I thought of my boys hiking 24 miles up to the top of Saddleback and back today...  I knew I had to go big.

So, after slaying the Saturday Hour of Power with my local posse I headed on up to catch CV (another fast group ride).  There's nothing better than surfing from group ride to group ride and seeing all my pals.  

Sooner than I'd have liked I was popped and knew it was time to start the long journey home.

The miles clicked by.  Did a mental calculation that it'd be my usual 85sh.  Thought, why not push on through to a 100.

That last 15... sheesh... it was like planking and watching the clock. 

I've built my planking up to 3 minutes this year, but the only way I can do it is to turn on a movie and set an alarm for 3 minutes and try and forget about it.  When I started planking, I'd watch the timer... I'd be all shaky and quivery and quit after about 30 seconds.

There I was, one mile from home and 15 miles to go.  What to do?

First, I was bonking as I hadn't planned to ride more than 50 today, and I hit Surfin' Donuts.  3 miles done.

Second, rode the scenic route back towards home.  9 miles done.

Third, did meaningless laps through the local church parking lots and neighborhoods.

Those miles slowly clicked over.

Garmin and Training Peaks affirmed the effort.  Strava says I need more.

I don't.