MOST RACES HAVE A RACE BIBLE.  Most racers skim it, figuring beentheredonethat.  Traveling home today I was reminded of the one time it really paid to read the race bible - it was only a paragraph or two.

I wondered if I could find the old crit course.  It had only been a hundred or so years since I'd raced it. 

It was in Goleta off a road with a funny name.

Glenn Annie Road... That must be it.


Found it easy.

The site of my favorite road victory.  

All because I understood the format and my breakaway companion did not.

Win And Out

What that meant was the first person across the line won, then everybody else did another lap racing for 2nd, and so on down 5 places.

The three of us drove up, Surfergirl with new baby Trev came to watch.  I was pretty sure this was going to be one of my last serious races, and I really wanted to win so I'd have the points to upgrade to Cat 2.

We met up with Andy and Lisa and baby Jasmine... and I'm pretty sure Andy did his own upgrading in a different race.

Fun times.

Back to the winning... these were the days of 100 strong fields and lots and lots spectators.  LeMond was winning TdFs, 7-11 pro team was the American powerhouse, and bike racing on the road was the big thing.

Enough drama for ya?...

Table set.

So there we were, flying around this loop with a number of bends and only one 90 degree turn.  A .7 mile loop - I measured it today. 

It was easy to get out of site if you could get away. 

It was also easy to get shuffled to the back, and the train was so long it nearly stretched the entire straightaway.

There were lots of preems (prizes for first racer on a random lap) to keep the pace high.

I was watching the lap counter, prepping to be in the right spot for the first sprint... the one for 1st.

With 2 laps to go, they gave out a $50 preem and this kid just goes for it... and I roll the dice.

I bank on the field not chasing because they'll want to save it for the sprint, and I put all my money on the other kid wanting the fifty bones.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I've ever ridden faster or smarter in my life... we worked really hard together and as we came around the bend to sprint for the money...

... I faked like I had nothing left and let him pull long and hard for his prize...

... he was gassed, done...

... I looked back, could see I had about 10 seconds and pinned it...

... to this day I remember looking at my Polar (a brand long gone)...

... 207 beats a minute... I felt nothing, no pain, I wasn't even breathing... it was amazing... 

... my favorite win, ever, all because I took the time to read the bible...

Now, before you get all preachy on my and say Diesel you should always read the Bible... just know I haven't raced without a thorough reading in a long time.

Which is easy, because I love reading and learning and sharing...

One of the places where we share what we learn is at the PEDALposse, and if you're into that sorta thing ya oughta check it out:

A few more pics - Andy hasn't changed... and come to think of it, my hair is back to that style just dyed grayish

lots of easy bends... it was such a great course.  fast and safe.



164ish (guess)
no work out
8.2 hrs sleep

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