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I HAVE A NEW RULE.  Well, it's not really new but I just realized I practice it so I might as well share it with you.  There are some great pros with this rule, as well as a potential major con.

Here's the rule:  If I can ride my bike to "the ride" within 1 hour, I'm riding.

Why?  Because by the time I load the van/car/truck, battle the traffic to get there, and unload and prep... well,  probably could have ridden there nearly as fast.  Right?  5-10 minutes to load up, 15-30 minute drive, 5-10 minutes to unload.  

Might as well ride.

I'll get there warmed up, ready to rip.

I'll save money on gas and wear and tear.

I might meet some of the posse on the way, always good.

What's the con?

Well, for example, after today's pretty heavy 4 hour MTB ride, which it took me an hour to get to...

... I still had to ride home.


165.4 lbs
6 hrs

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