The one diet guaranteed to work.

The one diet guaranteed to work.

I WAS ON THIS DIET YESTERDAY, and I lost 5 lbs.  It's a terrible diet.  One you should turn to only as a last resort.  But, it's nearly impossible to even try it on purpose.  Not that you should.  You could.  But, I wouldn't.

This diet is so debilitating I couldn't race today, even though I'm the lightest I've been in a year.

Weight down, power way down.

So I'm here.

On the couch, recovering.

It's the El Pollo Loco foodpoisoning diet... at least that's who I'm giving credit to, 'cause against my monklike ways I ate there Thursday - in a hurry, making things happen.

Spent all day Friday praying to the porcelain god - 12am on baby!

I'm on the mend today.

Surfergirl picked up a pack of donuts at my insistence... I knew I'd be better soon, and wanted something delicious to look forward to.  And, boy do they taste great!

I can't resist... I guess, because I'm going to get up and ride for a bit at some point today and I know I'll be needing lots of fuel in my Ferris Bueller I'msuddenly better moment.

Here's what I'll be chowing on my ride.

Use promo code FILLERUP to save.

Isn't it great to open the cupboard and see you're loaded up with all the fuel you need for the next ride?


160.6 lbs 
No lifting
12 hours sleep
No ride.

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