HAD A CAT QUIT TODAY BECAUSE HE SAID THE ODDS OF WINNING WERE TOO LOW.  It kinda bugged me.  And, it's still bugging me now.  But why...

... because I never quit anything?

... and, when the heck were the odds of winning anything worthwhile high?


But, there's another reason it bugs me...

... because I've learned far, far more from my losses than my wins.  It's the learning from failure that builds PEDALsense... that sense that only experienced riders have and use with heartless cruelty when the race is on the line.


This just in from reporter BC.

E-Bike Rips Mans Heart Out

It's a sad state of affairs when pedalassist motorcycles (aka ebikes) feel compelled to snag KOMs. 

Will this spell the end of Starva?  I doubt it.  Why you ask?  For me, I'm much more interested in my own PRs.  

And what of my young padawan?  Should he be hacked off at the pedalassist motorcycles snagging his KOMs?  Yeah, kinda... for a bit.  But, he'll go to bed tonight knowing...

I did it my way!

Which is exactly what the pedalassist moto rider is thinking...

... which is exactly why I say KOMs aren't nearly as important as PRs...

... which is exactly why quitting because the odds of winning are low is such weaksauce!

As the great Churchill said...

... Never, never, never give up!

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