IT'S THE NIGHT BEFORE A BIG RIDE OR RACE, and I'm excited... which isn't really a good thing, because I should be calm... conserving my energy... winding down for an early bedtime and solid rest.

But, I'm excited.

My bike has been detailed.

My RaceDay bag loaded.

My drinks mixed.

My car is backed into the driveway; all packed, except for my bike.

My keys and wallet are in the fridge, next to my bottles.

A bath and razor await, followed by some stretching and rolling out the legs.

Then a heavy duty book on theology will hopefully knock me out.

But, I'm excited.

It's Nosco tomorrow.  Can't wait to see my LA friends.  More than a few of us from south OC are going.  Some with plans to smash it, others cruise it. 

My plan is to cruise over to each of the 3 climbs and see what I can do... hoping for a combined climb time under 100 minutes.  My body weight is a solid 10 lbs lighter than last year.  I know, I track it.  I know... that's weird.  Every other time I've done this ride I've blown it before we even hit the first climb.  So... lighter Diesel, more rested... that's the plan.

There's always a plan,
put in place.
That's the best part,
ride or race.
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