FOR ME, THE BEST GRAND TOUR IS LA VUELTA.  The courses are more interesting, the outcome less predictable, the competitors more emotional and more willing to take risks to win it all... 

... a lot like our NCAA vs NBA/NFL...

... just a helluvalot more fun to watch and follow.

If you get a chance to watch Stage 7 you'll see what I'm talking about.  It was won by a former runner... a man who once ran a sub-4 minute mile.

Now, the thing I like about that is it's one of the only ways for us regular athletes to put in perspective who special these men are.  We've all run a mile.  We all know our best time... and it's nowhere near sub-4.

And that's kinda like the NCAA football teams that have receivers who are also running world class 100 meter times.

The Vuelta also seems to have dramatic lead changes.  Roglic was leading, now he's trailing.  Carapez is leading, but I'll bet he'll lose that lead.  

Which is a lot like an NCAA basketball game, where we see huge lead swings.

Speaking of lead swings...

... Matt took us out for his powerloop today.  One power climb after another.  He was hammering us the entire way except for the last climb where I finally got him good.

Of course he blamed it on forgetting his superlight race gloves.

There are lots of colors to chose from... and in Matt's honor this promo code is good for a buy 2, get 1 free.

The code is: LAVUELTA

It expires Friday.


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