IF YOU'VE NEVER HAD YOUR ARMS STRETCHED STRAIGHT OUT, hands gripping the grips, sternum planted on your saddle, front tire knobs bending and breaking, and the rear tire a slidin and a swinging... 

If you've never hit 60+ on a mountain road, wondering just how much heat those carbon hoops can handle as a bend is running up fast...

If you've never banged bars in a full gallop for the line...

If you've never loaded up at sunrise and returned at sunset covered in dust, salt, and blood... 

Maybe it's your playlist?

Not with earpods... the one that's playing all by itself, 'cause you nearly blew the windows out on the way to the ride or before leaving the house.  

Stuck in yer head.

That playlist.





... on the bike...

... everywhere?

Here's one a mine, the Winged Wolf.

What's yours?

And as long as were discussing things we don't know about each other... should I be flattered or surprised by the this phrase which I hear several times a week?

I gotta be honest, I didn't think your gloves would be good... but I really like 'em.

I know what it is... we should be charging a lot more.  It's a psychological thing.  So, look for the price to raise soon... until then, they're $20 with shipping to your door.

Join the believers.


164.8 lbs 
7.5 hours sleep




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