JUST BECAUSE I SHUN THE EARPODS WHILE RIDING don't mean my brain's not a rockin!

I rose to the Stray Cats Rumble In Brighton... no doubt I'd been dreaming of a fast-finishing crit.

Promptly pulled it up on AppleMusic, shot it through my baby Bose.

On repeat.

Got to the office and hung the Skull Candy Crusher with bass turned up.

...  there ain't a damn thing that the cops can do... 

On repeat!

It's a productivity hack.  Put the same music on repeat and my brain quiets down and I grind out work.  Lots of glorious work.

I'm chomping at the at the cleat to release it all at once.

Take the new kits, Wild Child and Peace.  I can't decide which one I like better.

Knowing me, I'll mix and match.

Like this...

Which do you like better?

Or maybe not.


Kits, for me, are part of the music of the ride - the driving bass, ripping guitar, bombing drums.

Ironic that Rumble In Brighton rushed me to release this kit today.


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