TODD BROWN tmwc 2019

AS A PROMOTER I GET A LOT OF FEEDBACK... it's expected, it's the things I don't see and probably don't appreciate.  The result:  we get a little better every year.

Yesterday's unOFFICIAL TMWC was my favorite to date.  It wasn't my fastest day.  It wasn't the biggest turnout.  But...

We had the results in real-time.

We had plenty of interlopers, the folks who show up once a year and really blow it out... dragging our posse to new PRs.

We had donuts!

We had PVidmar, one of the OGs, back after 3 years down under.

We had our first timed KOM from the bike trail to the top of Live Oak.

We had our largest turn out of ladies.

We had an abundance of happy people.

We had a rider take an early flyer that would probably have stuck had he known the course... doh!

We had guys from Utah and Arizona in town just because... and a cat from New Zealand!

We had great sponsors:  TwoHubs, Stage21, Sariol Legal, Monster EnergySejuicedbar and PEDALindustries.

We had on bike video and a drone - check 'em below... they're awesome!

We had the best volunteers ever:  Susie, Shelby and Dawn.

We crowned John Janneck unOFFICIAL Tuesday Morning World Champion of 2019!

But for me it was extra special because I got a chance to ride with my son Trevor from the Wall to the Dragstrip.  We reminisced about his first TMWC 10 years ago, when he was in high school... and all the fun racing he did while in college.  Honestly, there was nothing better than being with my best riding buddy on my favorite course on an absolutely beautiful morning surrounded by my posse.  He's moving out of state in August, and I'll miss him... but every Tuesday when we hit the final miles I'll think back on this day and smile.

As the day wound down, nice messages came in thanking me for putting on another unOFFICIAL, but I think Jorge's text summed it up best:

The most friendly race I've ever done. 


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