The milestime continuum.

This is where, unlike normal humans, we are able to calculate how long it takes to ride somewhere down to the second.  And, equally powerful, we are able to end our rides at exactly the right time.

Which is exactly what I was doing this morning while falling further in love with my new BMC URS...

... I wanted to stop at my happy place, Trabuco General Store, 2 hours in, for a Mexican Coke and a Mexican popcicle...

... it was so hot and I was in a bad way.

I pulled up and saw a gent and his sweet BMW moto.

That's a beautiful bike.  Have you taken it up on Saddleback?

Yes, it's not as good as it looks on that dirt.

Well, it look like a lot of fun,

It is... do you ride?

I used to, in the desert, with the kids.  But, not lately.

Just two dudes geeking out on two wheeled stuff.

I go in, gather my supplies.  Note, I've been doing this routine a couple of times a month for nearly 20 years.  So, when I go to pay and realize I've forgotten my RaceDay wallet and their ApplePay isn't working and I ask...

Do you trust me?


... I'm slightly hacked off, but mainly sad... that sad you get when you've been melting in the heat because you started late because you wanted to hang out with the fam even though you knew it was going to be a scorcher and now you've got miles to go with no sustenance kinda sad.

Dejected, I squat on the bench and think why not?

Do you have Venmo?


Darn... I forgot my wallet and...

No problem.

5 minutes later we're at the same table and we proceed to male bond over motos and bicycles and living in the foothills and raising kids and what we do for work and ...

Last year I rode from here to Yellowstone.  1018 miles.

How many days?


That's incredible.

Where did you ride your bike from?

San Clemente, mostly on dirt roads.

That's incredible.

I guess the point of all this is it's just darn hard not to love people who get around on 2 wheels.

But, I know you're wondering how I'm going to pay Leo if he doesn't have Venmo? 

Well we also talked about the book I'm currently reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  That seems like a better thing than a few dollars... especially for a guy like Leo, an engineer and rider of huge distances.

Of course this messed up my larger plans for the day, requiring an adjustment in the milestime continuum... speeding up and shortening the distance.

One thing for ya gotta have this time of year is the big bottles.

These are my favorites... special topsecret coating shields the bottle's innards, it's like drinking from glass.

$20 for 2, free shipping.

You'll also get a bunch of entries into the lottery for the Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


163.4 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7 hours sleep