TODD BROWN racerness

INVARIABLY EACH OCTOBER I FIND MYSELF DELUDED.  I'm just sure I'll wrap up the day's work early.  I'm positive the sun will set later than advertised.  I'm banking on the shadows to creep ever so slow.

And there I am, 20 minutes from home.

In the dark.

This particular delusion is amusing, because the consequences or riding lightless could be life-changing.  But, there's a certain adrenaline associated with it, It keeps me alert.  More alive. 

And when I make it back and open the door...
I listen...
After all these years of cheating the night successfully,
there's still a little bit of relief within the walls...
... I'm home.
And that's a buzz that never gets old.


164.8 lbs
7 hrs

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