- Winston S. Churchill

Yes, the Winston Churchill.

The same one who was a gifted painter, and promoter of painting.

Kinda like us.

Fighting the good fight at work each day, and finding joy on two wheels.

Which brings me to my point... each A race or epic ride is like a painting, and the only way I've found success is by being audacious from the start.

Months out, sometimes even years, I target an event. 

I start with a blank canvas.  

Time and equipment and diet and all that goes into prepping for the big day are my brushes.  I paint each day, revealing to myself and the world a more clear picture of who I am.

It's the truly audacious goals that have produced my most vivid days on the bike... of recent... to podium at LoToJa, to PR at Leadville, to finally climb with the leaders at San Luis Rey.

The lesser goals, the lazy ones, have lead to the most miserable races and rides.  When my heart and soul aren't in it.  The goals which on the surface seem so ho-hum, turn out to be quite ugly... cramping so bad at Nosco I wanted to cry, getting shot out the back at San Dimas with miles to go, heck I even started with the wrong group at Dirty 30.

Audacity doesn't guarantee success, it only promises an unforgettable experience.

As I wind up this weekend of thanksgiving and prep for the final, busy push to 2020, I'm thinking about the kind of picture I want to paint... the brushes I'll use not just on the bike, but at PEDALindustries and with my family, and socially and spiritually.

How audacious can we be?!


You may notice I've turned the comments back on... praying the spammers won't find us... and looking forward to what's on your mind.

What should never be on your mind is wondering how you're going to change at the next race... because we've go you covered with the changing poncho.


167.2 lbs 
0 pull ups/0 push ups
8.5 hours sleep

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