IF YOU'RE PIQUED FOR POLITICAL POOP... well this is gonna skewer yer ego, 'cause if there's one thing you can't fake it's a steep as helk climb or drop on dirt.

All... and I mean ALL... other Stravabobava is most likely fauxing fake.

That KOM along that road where the wind blew hard as helk one day.


That KOM SoandSo set starting at the back of the group and surfing to the front.


I ain't even gonna give ya more ideas and temptations that mightcould lead your Stravasoul carefully down to helk.

But, I'm gonna say... the dirt lies less.

Still lies.

Just lots less.

It's really hard to fake a KOM on a 10% up or down trail.  Around here... the only way to really do it is if the trails are perfect then get washed out and never repaired.

Now this is not some veiled attempt to get ya to buy a super primo gravel bike or radiculous MTB.

It's just a reminder there's no point in fretting over things fraught with faux.

Especially when you could be out riding something wrought by Swiss geniuses.

Whoops... how did those pictures get in there?  Must be some sort of bug.

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