I HAVE A RIDE I REALLY LIKE and I'm doing it tomorrow.  My pal Markell is in town from Mesa, so uhcourse I had to invite him... and he had to invite a buddies...

... it should be fun.

The last time I did this ride with outta towners it was a wetmisty mess.  The kind of ride Chris Froome would fall down on.

Which is what my friends did on the roundabout.

But, they are not built like a Praying Manti... so, they popped right up and got on with the ride.

Now, the reason I like this ride so much is it is dawgawn beautiful.

Straight up the coast, from Dana Point through Laguna Beach to the tippytop of Newport Coast.  Followed by a plummet to the tranquil BackBay.  

And up to Irvine where it gets ugly.

It used to meet at a FoodPark off of MacArthur, and it still kinda does at Harvard and Main... 

... 3 rides converge, Kenny and his motley crew from Long Beach and Justin and his henchmen from Canyon Velo, and our merry band of misfits from the southern tip of the county.

Thankfully, it's not really ugly like the old days... where it was just piss and vinegar.  Now it's more of a brofest... plus, we get a few ladies from time to time... which is always bueno.

El WeatherChannel says mucho sun, to the outta towners outta be just fine.

Speaking of fine... it was might fine of Markell to stop by the shop today and pick up gloves and a changing poncho.

He won't need it tomorrow since he's staying at the very fancyshmancy NPCMarriott, but apparently he's been dying to get one for the races back home.

You don't need to drive here to get one, of course you could and I'd sucker you into an ugly bike ride, but you can just order and have it shipped.

Use promocode: OUTTATOWN


166.6 lbs 
7 hours sleep

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