FEW OF US HAVE AN EPIC EVENT IN OUR BACKYARD.  And, if we do, we’re always looking for something new.  The offshoot logistics of getting there can make or break how things go on raceday.  With that in mind...

... I left before sunrise.

The Crusher in the Tushar bike race is in Southern Utah.  For me, it’s a 600-mile road trip.  I had just the spot in mind to hold over Thursday evening...

... Grampa’s cabin.

For years I’ve wanted to bring my gravel bike up here. 

Situated on the east side of Zion National Park, at about 7000’, it’s remote.  With hundreds of miles to explore...

... on gravel roads. 

I hadn’t been to the cabin for at least 10 years and I was looking forward to surfacing up childhood memories.  Plus, my cousins have been doing some renovating which I wanted to check out.

One thing that hadn’t changed is where we hide the key.  The exact same place Grampa was hiding it 50+ years ago. 

The small A/C unit was a welcome site.  It was 95 when I pulled up, and I’m not sure I could have stayed without that modern convenience.

The old wood burning stove I would help Gramma kindle and light is in the corner.  A microwave has taken over.

The hole in a piece of plywood in the outhouse has been upgraded to a composting unit.  Much comfier and fresher.

While we do have running water now, there isn’t a shower. 

This gave me a chance to test out my sunshower.  I hung the thick plastic bag over the steel poles that support shade/rain cover for the cement slab we use when large group cooking.  We are far from the main road, plenty private.

The sounds of modernity travel far up here.  Cars and jets interrupt nature’s songs.

But, the best, the absolute best part of Grampa’s cabin is the total lack of cell and internet service...

... I need a week up here.

This morning I sampled the gravel roads.  Nothing like the fire roads back home.  These roads are meant for traveling.  The bike easily rolled along.  I stretched my legs on a few punchy climbs to open things up.

I felt fast..

... I also felt the altitude. 

Coming from sea level, it’s a challenge to breathe.  I’ll try and work this to my advantage by using the lack of air to keep me from digging too deep tomorrow.

For now, it’s just a day...

... and it's been key to making the long travel fun, along with leaving early and packing all the essential gear...

... a great day to lay low and do final prep on bike and body.

Being a 4 day trip, I packed my PRO RaceDay Bag™.  I like the extra space for multiple kits and key items I will not race without...

... like PR Lotion.

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8.5 hrs 
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