THE FUNNIEST CONVERSATION I EVER OVERHEARD while visiting a customer involved being hungover.  Not me.  A key employee stumbled in to work looking terrible and the owner, knowing the situation, asked...

... Why do you give yourself the flu?

I'm thinking about that today, because I'm feeling the effects of the epic 50 miler we raced yesterday...

... achey body and moving slow.

Of course, we all know why we do it.  

But, do we all know the cure?

The famous RinseRide.  

That's the best way to describe it, and I prescribe it once a week or after something like yesterday...

... massive distance, huge effort, with cramps and a crash thrown in.

It's Zone 1, 
lightly touching the pedals,
coasting whenever possible,
rinsing all the bad out of our legs.

Just an hour or so...

... does the trick every time.™/products/pedal-industries-mini-raceday-bag-2-0-isd

I always bring my mini RaceDay bag.  I'm showing you this pic, post race for a reason.

  • it's filthy
  • inside everything is pristine
  • even better is below...

... I received this from a customer this morning and thought you'd appreciate his research and candor.

I gotta give you props for the mini raceday saddle bag.  I tried 2 others from big brands for my mtn bike that wouldn't interfere with the dropper operation and would stay on - to no avail.  Back when you were still doing the monthly subscription thing you sent one out and it sat in my spare parts bin for a while cause I had just given up and resorted to a fanny pack, but I had a race and didn't want to deal with the pack.  As I was fishing through options I saw it and decided I'd try it out.  So much simpler than the other ones I used and it was perfectly solid.  I've never felt it loosen up.  Holds exactly what I need.  I keep moving it between my mtn and gravel.  I should just get another one.

Anyway - it's a pretty simple design and they often say the simplest solution is often the best.
Silca mini seat roll - has a Boa.  I figured this was gonna be the solution.  It's a great concept and would work great for road, but on mtn it's undone itself (not the Boa, literally the bag slips out of the boa and then flips over).  Expensive bag.  Useless for MTB.  $50 wasted.
SciCon - several options.  Broken them all.  Little piece goes under your saddle and stays there and then the bag twists on and off.  Again, would work amazing on a road bike.  MTB is too rough
Lezyne Road Caddy was gonna be my next trial.  Probably the most similar to yours, and as such might have worked.
Thanks for making awesome products!

If you're looking for the perfect mini bag to hold:  2 canisters, a nozzle,  a Dynaplug, and a mini-tool this is it.

Use promo code: RINSERIDE to save 20%™/products/pedal-industries-mini-raceday-bag-2-0-isd


9 hrs 
Body Water 59.8% (maybe)
1 Rounds of Strength Circuit (tepering)
30 minutes recovery
45 minutes reading + Journaling