MAN, THAT DUDE IS TALL!  Wait.  No way.  That's Reggie Miller.  On a mountain bike.  Racing!

I was star struck.  Here was a guy I loved to watch play basketball.  A guy my dad and I cheered for at UCLA.  Here he was tonight at Pedal Fest.  

Hey Greg, that's Reggie Miller right?  


Is he cool about meeting people?

Totally.  Super nice guy.

So I strolled over, put my hand out and introduced myself... and we talked about bikes and racing.

Me and Reggie.
Something in common.

I thought about telling Reggie how much we loved to watch him play, especially the greatest 9 seconds I've ever seen... and watching him taunt Spike Lee.  But, it's pretty clear he'd rather talk about bikes.

Some days I miss my dad more than others.  Today is one of them.  He would love this story.


Side Notes:  We spent the day in Santa Clarita meeting with city council and facility managers about our next HUNKR and Revolution Bike Fest... I think it's going to be very special.  Pedal Fest, Greg Flanagan's weekly MTB race, was our last stop... Greg has been a great help up there.  His race course looked really fun... I wish I'd been prepared to race with Reggie.