THE GODFATHER OF MODERN AMERICAN BICYCLE RACING AND COACHING HAS PASSED AWAY.  Eddie B.  I read two tributes today, and will add my own.

Velonews, the boring and uncreative steward of US Cycling reportage, simply stated he was a coach who headed the '84 Olympic team and somehow wound up the history of this man with a banal dump in the doping gutter.  

Chris Carmichael, who legitimized the cycling coaching profession for thousands of coaches, reminisced on his time under Eddie's tutelage and the advice he received when he chose the same profession:  Keep the good of the athlete central at all times.  

To which I will add my own comment.

Somewhere, buried under the countless books I've read is a little section with Cycling Training.  There's Joe Friel's book, and Lemond's and Armstrong's and Ned's... but, Eddie's was the first and only book I could find in the late 80's.

Imagine that.

Only one person in the US was putting any effort into finding and developing bicycle racers in any meaningful way such that a dork like me could learn a thing or two.

I tried buddying up to the local legends, but it was fruitless.  And the bike shops were worse.  The prevailing arrogance of those in the know was disgusting and turned many a would be lifer into a why bother move on'r.

But, somehow I found the book... in fact, it might have been in the printed - and, at the time very cool - pages of Velonews.

There is no one thing gleaned from Eddie that I can point to today which made a difference in my attempts to move from a lowly 4 to a 3.  No technique per se.  

However, there was hope...

... and that's all most of us needed.  The simple concept that we could get better if we'd put together a plan and stick to it was revolutionary.  Because up that point the only plan was ride a lot.

I never knew or met Eddie, but if I'd run into him here's what I would have said...

Thanks for giving me hope and a plan, man.

Which is exactly the same thing I get from my current Coach Brian McCulloch.  I'm a less than ideal student.  Headstrong... and woefully dependent on racing vs  structured workouts.  He patiently listens, instinctively knows what I need, and forcefully puts for the plan he is certain I will stick to, that will stretch me but not burn me out... which is a long way of saying he gives me hope and a plan.

If you'll indulge me a little... that thinking is pretty much all we instill on anybody we are tasked with helping along life's paths.  It's all we can do as parents... as a wise man once said, I teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.

Which is pretty much all I try and accomplish in these daily missives.  Pass along what I've learnt.

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