THE FACE OF EINSTEIN PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL, he's happy.  His observation, while obvious to us, is not obvious to all...

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
A. Einstein

... aren't we lucky!

Thousands, millions?, of people have conspired to provide this joy and lesson to us...

... engineers, financiers, crafters, painters, transporters, welders, marketers, writers, photographers...

... we could scarcely count nor locate all the brains and bodies behind the wonderful machines we ride.

We can pick up a bike for a few dollars at a garage sale, a few hundies at a big box, a few thou' at a specialty shop.  The joy can be the same.

For me, the bestest is getting offroad, into the dirt, for a sunrise or sunset.  Out of earshot of the big city.  Away from the screens.  The phone off.  Solo. It's like a hot bath for the soul.  Washing away the grime of the grind.  Nothing better.

That's the genius of a bike ride.

Any bike will do, just keep moving.

I was reminded of this when SurferDan showed up today... he comes in...

I got this kid with me.  Got him into riding.  He's really loving it.  He hit 28 miles an hour for 2 minutes trying to drop me... he's got potential, I just don't want to burn him out... he needs a kit.

Great, let's take him to the closeouts.

10 minutes later and the kid has a great kit for a few bucks. 

We don't have every size, but we have a lot... for few dollahs.


164.8 lbs 
Surf Sesh
7 hours sleep
no ride.