I HEARD A BOXER SAY HE NEEDS TO GET HIT A FEW TIMES TO GET INTO IT.  Then, again Mike Tyson said everybody has a plan until they get punched in the nose.  I'm a lover not a fighter... but, I can tell you this...

On the way up San Juan Trail this morning, I was a little out of it.  Just wasn't on my A game.  Especially on the rocky, rooty downhill section past Cocktail Rock.  Was riding like a baby.  Coulda been the cold.  Coulda been the moisture and sliminess.  Whatever it was, I was riding terrible.

Then, I got that first cut.
Followed by a sweet crank to the shin.
Just like that,
I snapped out of it,
cranked up Foo Fighters in my mind,
and started haulin' @$$.  
The rest of the ride was ace.
Hero dirt.
Carving turns.
Wheeling up and jumping off rocks.
Soaking in that amazing view.
Soaring like a diesel.
That shin.
that shin
New bike day for Chris
new bike day for Chris
Steven's first time to Cocktail Rock
Steven's first time to Cocktail Rock
Join us next time.
Join us!


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