DID YOU EVER NOTICE HOW DIFFERENT WE ARE?  Not you and me, us and them.  The pros.  There's the Godgiven differences, can't do anything about that...

... but what about the things we can do something about?

Let's leave buying speedier equipment aside for the moment.  Too obvious.

Instead, take this insane workout from Nino Schurter.  He's a multi-time MTB World Champion and he's showing all the world, even us verymortals, how to be strong.  It's a 27 minute workout.  Who doesn't have 27 minutes?  Watch here.

Here's another.  Chris Froome's shedding of 20 lbs and going from zero to hero. We can get a glimpse of how he did that.  Cutting the carbs, upping the protein.  It's very straight forward.  Who couldn't drop a few lbs by skipping a few carbs?   Details here.

Do they tell us everything?  No.

Should we do all they do?  Doubtful.

Could we get better by studying what makes us different?  Hellyeah.

Which brings me to my point.  My pal Bart, in the 5 years of I've known him, has gone from a sub-9 hour Leadville guy to a card-carrying professional body builder to a champion calf roper.  He's nuts...

... but he has a method we could all use more.

When he sets his mind on something he seeks out the very best people that he can find and studies everything they do.  He hires the best mentors he can find.  This singlemindedness and alignment with the top pros allows him to do in a couple of years what most people never accomplish in a life time.

Wanna get better?...

... that right there is a very solid formula.

But, don't it all go to your head or you might not be to fit that expanded cranium inside one of these amazing helmets.

If I had to pick one, it would be the Protone for sure.  Light, aero, super comfy.


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Lots of pullups, pushups, squats and shoulder presses today - Nino style
7.8 hrs sleep