WHETHER WE ARE 6 MONTHS OUT OR 6 WEEKS 0R 6 DAYS OR 6 MINUTES AWAY FROM THE START OF OUR BIG RACE MATTERS.  Given enough time we can get incredibly fit and ready...

... and that can be a problem.

It's easy to imagine arriving at our ideal weight, with a bike in tip top shape when we have 6 months.

With six weeks, even if things needed some refinement, we can get a lot done.

Six days, we'll be lucky to get the bike perfected if it's not already there.

Six minutes, it's just hope and pray, and that probably will fail...

... if we haven't put in the work.

Steven Covey encouraged us to...

... Begin with the end in mind.

Have you begun?

If you have parts you think you'll need, now is the time to source them.  There are still a lot of supply chain issues.

Which means you might need to pull out the credit card.

Personally, I'm a fan of the RaceDay Wallet™.

Made from innertube, it's big enough for what I need on a ride or about town.

The bonus is that the material is so grippy it will never fall out of your jersey pocket.

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