THEY'VE GIVEN UP ME, and I can't blame them.  Have they given up on you, too?  Back in the beginning, it was easy.  But, now it's just impossible.  I'm too far gone.

When I first got the bug...

I remember the handlebar mirror my girlfriend purchased for my racing bike.  She thought it would help me see what the others were doing while I sped to victory.  Seemed like a good idea to me too... oh, the shaming that followed.

Then there was super cool Italian pro team jersey my mom got me, it was so bright and colorful... all the cool guys mocked me, again.

So, I got smart and put together a list of gear that would be nice to have for a gift.  And that worked pretty well while things were not so technical. 

But, the more passionate I got for cycling the more impossible it became for me to wait... and forget surprising me with just the right thing.

Alas my pickiness for awesomeness led me to today... to a family who truly loves me and gets me...

... a wonderful time around the dinner table, and a stack of dark chocolate bars and other treats.

I'm a lucky man.

Oh, and what did I get myself for my birthday?

A few hours scouting out a super rad gravel route.  Even came up with just the right name:  GravelGoon.  And plunked down $12 for the URL.

Who knows, next year I might even invite some friends to ride it with me on my special day?

If your family is anything like mine, well they might just want to get you a gift card.



164 lbs 
7.5 hours sleep