I WAS GOING TO RIDE BAHATI'S CIRCLE OF DOOM, but the circle of life took precedent.  At 645 my youngest (Little Pants) and I set off for Artesia to help my middlest (Biggol) and his wifey (Blondie) move to Irvine.  With luck, we'd been done in time, and fresh enough, for me to ride home.

Not gonna lie, did my best to stay away from the giant couch with the hide-a-bed.  But other than that, it felt good to be lifting and even better to be helping.  Many hands made quick work of the loading and unloading.  

Just like that, the no longer newlyweds were settled into Irvine... the same town Surfergirl and i started this journey 30 years ago.

Nostalgia pulled me through town on the bike path I'd ridden hundreds of times.  I passed our  tiny condo and then the turn off for the sweet townhome we shoulda kept. 

No hurry. 

Taking it in.

Remembering the Fisher Hookooekoo, my first MTB, with the Burley trailer attached and my two little boys taking their first rides.

The evenings, pre-kids, when we'd ride to Back Bay after work.  Not a care in the world.  No idea what the road ahead would bring us.

Friendships we'd made that remain strong today simply because someone cared enough to reach out.

It was a truly beautiful Indian Summer day.  80 degrees and crystal clear.  The kind of day you feel you can ride forever.

So I did... and along the way quiet thought accompanied me...

My all your days be blissful my young ones...
even those that seem so troubling on the surface,
may you find goodness there too,
remembering to pedal,
and enjoy your ride.


the well traveled bike trail

way up high


taking on some calories


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