IT'S GONNA BE A LONG, HOT RECON RIDE TOMORROW.  No support, no stores, possibly no hidden water stash.  I'll need at least 3 bottles, maybe 4.  Bike only holds 2.  

Our jersey pockets are incredible stretchy (this is pilfered internet photo because it's late, and there's no one here to take pic of my backside).   Just slide third bottle into the center pocket - more evidence the pic above isn't mine.

I prefer the center pocket as I'm not going to be reaching for that bottle except to swap it out for an empty on the frame.  That way it's easy access to the side pockets' contents.

The plan is to drink up on the 90 mile drive to the start and then roll with 3.  I'll bring some mix just in case we find some water.

It's not a camel hump, but it'll do.


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