THERE REALLY ARE BUMPS ON LIFE'S ROAD.  Sometimes we get thrown off course.  Ryan was thrown pretty good a few months ago... and he inspires the heck out of me.  Not only is he back on his bike, he's been busy at the factory creating a brand new product...

... and it got me wondering...
How many innovations in cycling spring from the "day job"?

Ryan's day job is Sticky Bumps - a premium surf wax known worldwide.  On the side he combined his wax know how with his passion for two wheels and created the first ever "rub-on" chain wax. 

But that's not news. This is... the Spectrum colored wax.  The pictures tell the story.

But here's another story.

Ryan's mom and dad started the business 50 years ago.  They show up for work every day, along with his sister.  A true family business.

And here's the story to remember.

His dad leaned over,
It changed Ryan.
He's different.
What matters.
May we all be blessed with great support and tremendous courage when life's bumps throw us.
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