I HAD BIG PLANS TO RIDE IN THE RAIN TODAY.  Kept telling myself, Hellyeah I'm riding in the rain!. Thus, I tucked in for my beauty sleep and got down to dreaming...

... of how much better I'd be than everybody else.

I knew the locals would mostly opt for staying in bed.  A few might get on their trainers.  Where as I would be riding, getting in secret miles.

But, that's not even the main reason.  The main reason Fred was this...

... because it rains on raceday.

Yeah, no joke.

And when it does, I'm always thrilled.

First, a good chunk of the racers will straight up DNS.

We don't DNS.  Ever.  We always S.  Because we are badassedly prepared.  Always.

Second, of those who start another good chunk will DNF.

We don't DNF.  Ever.  We always F'ing F!  Because that's what we registered for in the first place. Finishing the dern race.

Third, slice off another chunk of racers that will get washed away in the elements.

The soaking shoes, the drenched butt crack, the puddled glasses... most cats can't handle that, it slowly zaps their energy.  We love it, because we know they hate it.

A good gnarly rain can easily whittle the competition down by 75%... without you are I having to do a dawgawn thing besides show up prepared.


Anyway... as much as I was looking forward to all that rain I didn't get much more than some wet streets, cold toes and a squishy chamois.  I'd artfully dodged the main storm and still got a good ride in.

I was never cold thanks to the neverceasestoamaze KOM jacket.  It's such a great tool for rainy and cold days.  Just a jersey underneath. 

Looking at My RaceDay Calendar™ I can see I have a number of opportunities to race in the rain.  I don't love it, but I sure ain't afraid of it. 

For sure it can rain at Leadville and LoToJa... 2 of my A races... because they are high altitude, during the monsoon season.  The local races this winter always have a good chance, because it always rains in CA in February and March.

Will you be prepared?

What's on your calendar?

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7.5 hours sleep